30 Recipes To Learn Before Turning 30

How to Properly Clean a Whole Shrimp

Before cooking the shrimp, it is very important that you clean it first no matter how fresh or frozen it is. If you want to know the ways on how to clean whole shrimp you must prepare the needed equipments such as the plastic toothpick, plastic bag, colander, and gloves if you do not want to risk hurting your fingers.

Homemade Wood Stove – How to Make a Homemade Wood Stove

A guide on how to make a homemade wood stove. You know what’s the best part about D.I.Y. guides? The fact that you can construct anything by yourself in turn saving so much on what you would have to spend so much on a normal basis.

Homemade Pig Roaster – Guide on How to Make a Homemade Pig Roaster

Step by step guide on how to make a homemade pig roaster. It’s summer once again, and one of the highlights during the summer months would be those backyard barbecues anticipated by you, your friends and your family.

Propane Deep Fryer – More Help For Picnics and Barbecues

Are you one of those people who appreciate the simple pleasures of picnics and barbecues? If you are, then you must have a grill stored, ready to be used anytime you and our family have a gathering.

Eat For a Dollar a Day

There are many references to how you can eat for a dollar a day on the web, and many people have tried to do so for a week, or a month, or a year, or even forever. Why are people so fascinated with the idea that it might be possible to eat for a dollar a day? Well, put in simplest terms, aside from rent or mortgage, people spend more money on food than any other expense.

How to Clean Asparagus Easily

Asparagus is one special vegetable with some unique flavor. It is more expensive than other vegetables due to its long period of maturation, short growing season and the need to harvest using hands. Before cooking the asparagus, be sure that you clean it the right way.

Protect Your Healthy Oils

Since the downfall of margarine, cooks have been taking a closer look at other alternatives to butter. More and more kitchens are stocking up on classic and time tested cooking oils. Low fat dieters, who fled to margarine before we understood the dangers of trans-fats, are now returning to healthy, natural oils.

What is the Best Way to Marinate a Steak?

A number of American restaurants are proud of their steak recipes. Most of us know that the secret to cooking the best steak is in the marinating procedures.

How to Make Your Own Fruit Juice

Making juices at home is fun and you only need a juicer and some fruits. Once you taste your own freshly made juice you will forget about all other juices.

Tips on How to Prepare an Ideal Rib Eye Steak

Many believe that the best way to cook rib eye steak is by grilling. The truth is that there are several ways of preparing such steak including broiling and pan broiling. However, it must be remembered that the most important thing of all is not to do anything that will make the meat juices come out as it will greatly affect the taste of the steak.

Tips to Make Your Cooking Healthier

With more people cutting back on cholesterol, fat and sodium, more people are looking for healthier ways to cook flavorful meals. Often, by making small changes to your cooking methods, you can turn out healthier foods that everyone will enjoy.

“I Thought I Thawed a Turkey!” – Best Options For Thawing a Turkey

Before Thanksgiving dinner, one must know how to break the ice; break the turkey out of it, that is. There are three proper ways of thawing a turkey, but only one is the most effective among the others.

How to Cook Different Kinds of Ham

It doesn’t matter what kind of ham you’re planning to cook, a spiral ham, a canned ham, or any other kind of ham, this article provides essential tips for making the perfect ham. You’ll be a hit at the next holiday when you present a ham cooked using this advice.

How to Marinate Steak

Not everyone likes to marinate their steak. But if you want to give marinated steak a try, here’s how.

Vegetables – Citrus Fruits, Lemon, Orange and Their Zest

Citric juices can add a lot of punch to your foods. These can be the result of anything like lemons, grapefruit, oranges, lime, etc. The strongest of the bunch would probably be the lime however.

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