30 Days 30 Slow Cooker Recipes

Automatic Potato Peeler – The Easiest Way to Peel Potatoes

An automatic potato peeler will easily churn out perfectly peeled potatoes in a matter of seconds. These gadgets are amazing and they will actually replace several different kitchen tools to make your life a lot easier. If you are like me and love potatoes, you will use the automatic peeler almost everyday.

Cast Iron Woks

Cast iron wok is the utensil of the past. These days you can find a variety of different materials, sizes and shapes in woks. Some popular ones include stainless steel, carbon steel and also there are the Teflon coated electric woks.

Leftover Chicken Or Turkey – 10 Simple Solutions

Have leftover turkey from a holiday meal? Cooked more chicken than you can eat? Wondering what to do with the dark meat that no one wants? Don’t want to waste that perfectly good poultry? Here are some ideas on how to use up those chicken or turkey leftovers.

Healthy Ways to Add Flavor to Oatmeal

Getting no flavor out of eating oatmeal? These are ways to flavor your favorite breakfast meal.

Healthy Recipes!

It is pretty simply to cook healthy recipes, without dedicating too much of time and energy. All you need is a little practice. And after a few trials you can mix and match ingredients, create unique flavours to tantalize your taste buds.

Deep Frying a Turkey Outdoors

General instructions on deep frying a turkey using an outdoor propane cooker. Step by step how to cook a safe and delicious deep fried turkey.

Isi Soda Siphon – Process of Making Carbonated Water and Its Features!

Soda siphon is a device that helps in dispensing soda water through carbonation and is also known as Seltzer bottle. In 1970s the concept of preparing self-pressurized carbonated beverages gained worldwide recognition and later two Frenchmen in 1829 came with a patent for the hollow corkscrew siphon that also helped the later models that were invented.

Electronic Kitchen Scales – Why You Should Use an Electronic Kitchen Scale

Have you watched a cooking show on TV and ever wondered how the greatest chefs can produce stunning food without much effort? It looks easy because there is always preparation done beforehand. You will often find that the best outcome for a recipe will depend on following the steps exactly. In order to do this you should use an electronic kitchen scale.

National Rice Cookers Review

When you search out and compare brand names, you have to be sure to not place National and Panasonic side by side, as I have, as you’ll be sure to get confused on getting the same results. These brands are one and the same, only that National was the former name used by Panasonic.

Hitachi Rice Cookers Review

If there’s one thing so great about Hitachi, it most definitely will be how trusted the brand over time. It has well understood that the concept of trust comes in delivering the basic needs of people. There are countless game players in the market. While others hit grandness in packaging, there are others that leverage themselves in product innovation, and there are those, as Hitachi, that offer themselves as simply and easy option.

Breville Rice Cookers Review

Breville has already been enriching people’s lives for 75 years in history. The name “Breville” is derived from the names of the two young Australian entrepreneurs Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville. With the changing lifestyles and technologies, Breville has grown to become an iconic Australian brand.

Bradley Smokers Review

Bradley is popular for their smokers, bisquettes, and cures. Among the primary product that have brought Bradley to certain heights in popularity are its main outdoor equipment. The smokers are indispensable for anyone who wants to have delicious grilled foods while being out in the sun. Suffice it to say, you can grill, barbecue, or smoke on Bradley smokers.

How to Render Fat

How to render the fat from fresh animal fat or poultry skin. It will make your cooking more tasty and natural, the way Grandma used to make.

Food Processors – An Essential Kitchen Tool

One of the best kitchen tools — that could become your most used appliance – is a food processor. Food processors can even take the place of a blender.

Blenders Are Still King of the Kitchen

Many people wonder how restaurants get their soups and sauces so smooth or the ice for mixed drinks perfectly crushed. They think that it is impossible to replicate restaurant dishes like these at home, but this is not true. With a good quality blender, your home made goods will rival any of the most fancy restaurants.

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