3-Course Italian-Inspired Dinner For Date Night

Easy Do it Yourself Cherry Pitter

Fresh Cherries are a treat to eat, but removing the seeds to bake a pie can be the pits. You can make your own Easy Do It Yourself Cherry Pitter with just 2 common kitchen items.

Bamix Top of the Range Hand Held Blender

The Bamix is a Swiss made hand blender and food processor that has been manufacture for more than fifty years. It is the number one choice for professional chefs throughout the world. The main reason it has become the professional choice is it’s extraordinary quality and versatility. Instead of taking the food to Bamix you take your Bamix to the food. You can use it right inside the jug or bowl of your choice or a saucepan right on the stove top.

Kid Friendly Snack Ideas

Kids love to eat snacks; take a trip to the supermarket and your children will surely be pointing fingers at so many things faster than you can pick them out of the shelves. The only thing about serving your kids this type of snacks is that it may not be all that healthy for them.

Do You Dream of Being a Famous TV Chef Just So You Can Cook Like One?

You don’t need to be a famous TV chef in order to cook great meals that will have people raving about your food. If you are afraid of cooking, have patience and practice cooking simple meals. It is fun!

3 Key Tips For Creating Delicious and Easy Party Appetizers

Party appetizers don’t have to be complicated and expensive to be impressive. With these three tips, you can make simple, delicious appetizers without working your fingers to the bone.

When Not to Cook

A recent experience has taught me that cooking should be left to those who can actually do it. Sure, the thought of it is nice, but the outcome could be vastly different to what you had imagined!

Three Secrets to a Delicious Fajita Recipe

When it comes to household foods, the delightful tex-mex fajita is one of the worlds favorite foods. Here are 5 secrets to a delicious fajita recipe that will leave you feeling full and satisfied! If you have never tried a fajita before, then it’s time to fire up the grill and enjoy! Your whole family will love it!

Keep Meat Fresh Naturally

Meat is a highly perishable food item, so extra care and special attention are needed to make sure that it remains a high quality, wholesome product. Spoilage and unwholesomeness of meat are caused by bacteria and other microorganisms. There are two different groups of bacteria that affect refrigerated meat. Pathogenic bacteria make us sick, whilst spoilage bacteria make our food go bad and make our refrigerators smell. By smell, sight and taste, you cannot identify whether meat contains pathogenic bacteria, unlike…

Woks – An Introduction

Although many people have seen and used woks, there are also a great number of people out there who are unaware of what exactly a wok is and the advantages that they can bring. As a result, this article will provide an introduction to the features and benefits of the wok.

Free Barbecue Tips – Ten of the Best Tips For Your Garden Barbecue

These free barbecue tips are designed to help you enjoy your forthcoming garden barbecues during the warmer months, and will help to improve both the safety and the quality of your garden barbecue with very little effort. Oiling the grill. Prior to cooking, spray or brush on some vegetable oil onto the grill surface, avoiding adding too much. This will reduce the chances of your food sticking to the grill resulting in exposed flesh, and tough food.

Save Money on Popcorn

Here is an easy tip to surprising savings for your entertainment or diet needs. Depending upon your appetite for popcorn you will be amazed. Read more to find out how really good it is.

Benefits of Using Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

Entertaining guests and holding parties in the garden, patio or deck often times focuses around the outdoor cooking (grilling, etc.) of the one that organized the event. Because of that, America begun to innovate outdoor cooking by incorporating pizza to their main course and cooking it outdoor through their making use of Italian’s artistic vintage way of cooking, the wood-fired outdoor pizza oven.

Spice Up Your Cooking – Five Simple Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Spices

Spices are too often neglected in the back of dark drawers and sprinkled carelessly into steaming pots. This article discusses a few general rules for using spices that can help you get the most out of the ingredients in your cupboard and rediscover what they can do for your food.

Best Practice – Money Saving Shopping and Cooking Strategies – Buy in Bulk from the Bulk Section

Many of us know that buying in bulk saves money, but often end up wasting money because we end up not using it. We also go for the convenience and end up spending a lot more than we need to. Here’s 7 tips to save money and actually use all you bought – conveniently, and really take advantage of the price the bulk purchase offers.

If You Are Out of This, Use That, Substitutions That Save You Time in the Kitchen

As I was baking yesterday I realized I didn’t have butter milk. I did not want to stop and go to the grocery store. It would have been so much quicker if I had a list of substitutions that I could quickly look at then continue with my baking.

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